Giving Thanks

We have a wonderful friend who can score us free bread from a european bread shop in the Charlotte area. Recently, she brought a whole bag of yummy fresh bread in and dropped it off at my husbands office.

This year, God has been working on me in the area of making the best out of what we are given. Got fresh bread that will go stale within a day or two?? Learn how to freeze it. Make yummy french toast bake out of it.
Or if you are nearing the Thanksgiving holiday, chop it up and make stuffing out of it.

The other day we put on some fun music and the little Z man and I got to work in the kitchen, while EJ was finishing up some school work. I chopped the bread, while he stuffed the bags full.

Great music, two sweet boys, cold weather, warm drinks, fragrant candles lit, and a mission to take care of what God has given us ... bread or boys?!! These are the things that I am thankful for.


  1. I sent you a facebook personal message (click on "Inbox"). It has a recipe posted by a friend on there. I thought it might be handy if you get more free bread!