Jammer Time

CJ and I love to try to take lots of pictures of all the fun times in our house. Especially since we've had such an awesome opportunity in hosting college girls. So one night, we decided to take pictures of everyone wearing funky pajamas, or something along those lines.

Clearly, some of us, got the look down...

While others of us, just didn't quite know how to capture the camera correctly. (You'll notice that there isn't a picture of me in here...I, ahem, happened to be one of those people....)

Then of course, there is always the one that can pull off a good picture even in his pajamas!!! Go ahead... say it, he's cute. I know...

And here is the group of us...in our pajamas.... all smiling at once! WOW! Now aren't we just a cute little family!


  1. Yes, you most certainly are a cute family. If I was in NC, I'd squeeze those two little boys. :)