Hey There

Boy do I have about 10 posts to write on, pictures that I want to download and share, and great little stories. Plus, I'm feeling back to normal, cheerful and thankful for where I'm at right now.

BUT... I can't sit down and write it all out right now. At least not yet. It may not be bothering you... however it is killing me. I'm pent up with verbal goodness that just needs to be out on some sort of "paper."

In the meantime, I'm working on 6 lesson plans that are all due at some point in time during the next three weeks. Each lesson requires total detail, down to what I'd write on a chalkboard, so that my TESOL teacher understands my thought process.

Don't roll your eyes at me on this one... prepare yourself. I'm LOVING it! I really, really am. Make me lesson plan, make me teach someone, let me encourage and aid someone in learning anything... I get giddy with excitement!

So, hang in there a bit. Hopefully in some spare time (lol) I'll be able to share all my little joys of life right now!

Talk soon!


  1. So fun to "hear" the joy in this post - I just KNEW that this would be your cup of tea. I'm so happy for you.

    Hugs and kisses across the miles.