Clearly, I Missed the Little Clues

So, um, maybe all my crying and heart wrenching wasn't just a bad day after all.... Funny little story for you.

Last week, I ran out of a particular medication that I was on. I had already called the place where I get it from, and they too were out. So, knowing that in the next week or so, the situation would resolve itself, I went without the medication.

Friday night, I had this huge allergy attack. Seasonal allergies can make me feel miserable sometimes, so when I woke up the next morning feeling dizzy, I quickly assumed that it had something to do with the congestion in my head from the previous evening.

As the day progressed, I began feeling a bit woozy at times and awfully tired. Sunday I laid down for "a minute" and an hour and half later I woke up with a start. Still, I wasn't quite putting two and two together. I just assumed I was over tired from much of my life (which I was ... I really was).

And then Monday came along. I'm crying over random things and all the issues of my heart are becoming bigger and bigger. Still dizzy. Still light headed. Still exhausted. And realizing that I was having very vivid and colorful dreams....but still clueless.

Until Tuesday came and as I was sitting in class, I couldn't get a deep breath in. I felt like someone was sitting on my chest. I calmly walked out of the class and went to my husbands office (btw - loving the fact that my class is on the same property as where CJ works!! Quick lunches and kisses and talks with little interruptions in the middle of the day... luxurious!).

Finally, after 5 days of craziness, I realized that I might be having a reaction to the lack of medication my body was used to. I called the doctors office, who saw me immediately. They confirmed that my body was in a bit of a withdrawal (its a medication that you need to step down in order to go off of ). It seems as though every one of my symptoms had to do with that darn little pill I wasn't taking.

Blessedly, they gave me samples and sent me home to rest.

Guess what??? I'm feeling remarkably better today. Not nearly as emotional, dizziness is gone, crying has died down again, and heart issues look a little bit more realistic. I have joy again too, despite the circumstances in my heart.

Whew....that was an interesting ride!


  1. Oh, I am so glad you figured that out and are feeling better! We had a similar situation in our house this week with Michael's diet (I actually wrote about it for my Friday 5MFSN post).

  2. You really had me going there. Missing little pills, woozy, crying... although in a prior post you said you were not pregnant, I kept reading thinking this might be an announcement to the contrary!

    Glad you got some sample meds and are able to steady yourself. Next time you're supply is running low, be sure to wean yourself gradually before you run out! It the med is a steriod, it really could be life-threatening.

  3. OH dear! I guess we ought to listen to the doctors sometimes, at least. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. I love you!