Little Things Make Me Happy

My husband built me a compost bin! I'm thrilled!

Hopefully next summer we will have even better soil to plant in.

Don't tell him this - but my next endeavor is to find a rain barrel. I'm pining after one to help water next summers vegetable gardens!!!


  1. Compost bins are awesome. We had one a couple of years ago but had to get rid of it. Mechanicsburg is having a horrible skunk infestation and it just attracted them too much. Rain barrels are great too. I would like to get one also.

  2. Your making me nervous. Next you will want a cow - for the manure, milk, and to keep your grass short. LOL!

  3. We have kindof failed the compost business. I don't know what we are doing wrong!

  4. I'm impressed. I'm just happy to actually put stuff in the recycling bin each week. The whole outdoor garden and landscaping thing boggles my mind!