Count Along With Me

Last night in between trying to figure out dinner, getting kids off to soccer, and returning home from my TESOL class, I got a phone call.

"Hi, B..., my house doesn't have water right now. Is there anyway I can stay at your house for the next couple of days?"

Of course, I said. And within an hours time, we had a certain housemates room cleaned up, a mattress with warm sheets and blankets, and bedside light set up.

For the record... right now we have 9 people in our house. We seem to be mulitplying people like bread and fish, around here. That's 9 glasses of milk, 9 spoons for breakfast, 9 bowls of cereal or oatmeal or whatever you eat in the morning, 9 plates around the table this evening for dinner, 9 showers, and so on.

I turned to my mom, while I was trying to prepare for my first quiz, and stated, "my house feels a bit like a zoo." She giggled and said, "it is."

It's a good one, though. Each person who is currently here, brings joy to my heart in their own special ways. Even our current guest, as I have been just getting to really know her lately and she is precious. While at times I may feel a bit overwhelmed, my heart is overflowing with love for each one in our home.

Now, if we could just find away to muliply food, water, gasoline, cars... and so on.


  1. I could not help but smile while I was reading this. And not just a wee little smile but a big grin.

    I kept remembering your vision and dream. How exciting! He gave you that and I know that He is also going to provide for all of your needs. I'm even praying that He continue to bless you beyond your needs.

  2. I could not do what you do. Just wanted to remind you of that fact. You are graced an gifted in this marvelous area. How could the Lord NOT look on you with love? You are so much of what He is!

  3. Sounds like fun! With all you have going on in your own life, you're blessed to have your mom there helping you for such a long time! Enjoy.

  4. Come on, you could squeeze a couple more people over in the corner, couldn't you?? Blessings on all of you to live together in peace. :)

  5. Well..God has been known to be multiplying food and the like. :-)

    You are amazing!!! I love you!