Tomorrow is a big day for me. I'm taking a whirlwind of a class for the next six weeks. The goal: to become certified in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or better known as TESOL!

God is amazing, as CJ and I have known for two years now, that when the opportunity came up, I would be the one who would get the certification. TESOL is only offered every two years at our bible school. And so, the opportunity presented itself and God out did Himself in making it clear that I was to take the class.

My class and books are fully paid for. My mom is here for 7 weeks to take care of the children and help out with any needs. And I have 13 weeks worth of lesson plans prepared for homeschooling!

Yea - I'm ready. And God has prepared the way.

I'm excited and nervous to sprint through these next 6 weeks. My biggest fear is that somehow in the hustle and bustle of homeschooling, home, and now classes, that I will neglect the two little ones who need me the most, my boys.

Yet, I can't deny that He has had this set in motion for quite sometime now. So, I can only pray and trust Him!

If it's a little quiet around here, know that I'm not ignoring you, just juggling books, people, and life!


  1. Congrats girl! I pray smooth transitions and easy adjustments for all of you over the next 6 weeks. I'm so excited for you - I know you must be thrilled at this chance to learn a new skill and this is going to be such a blessing to many, now and in the ministry God has for your family!

  2. What an exciting adventure! I did a bit of tutoring with an ESL program when I lived in the Chicago area and it was really neat. I had a group of three Polish ladies so if I could just get one of them to understand something, she could explain it to the others. :)