Jonah, the Turtle

In case you were wondering, we really did have a live turtle in the upstairs bath tub. Jonah, went back to the "wild" last week.

It turned out that, the newest girl who moved in with us, became quite attached to the four legged reptile(?) or amphibian(?). She fed it, took it out for walks, let it roam her room, and more.

Since I wasn't a huge fan of touching it, her casualness about the turtle, helped the children to really enjoy it even more. The kids (and I) learned that turtle could eat bananas, apples, green lettuce, and more. The biggest draw back (besides the fact that he was living in our tub) was that he needed 12 ours of UV light, something we could not give him.

So, after 2 weeks of exploring and enjoying, Jonah the turtle, EJ and his newest "sister" brought him back outside and let him go in our backyard! Overall, it was a fun experience!


  1. I love turtles. They are my favorite animal. It's the animal I'd be if I were an animal kinda thing. I'm sure that says something about my personality, but I don't delve too deeply into it. :)

    Glad that EJ has a new "sister" to bond with.

  2. Sounds neat! I am not a fan of most little pets, but a turtle might be fun. :)

  3. He really is just so cute though!