Doolittle, Noah, or Pipi Longstockings ... You Decide!

I am thinking of renaming my blog to "It's NEVER a Dull Moment in this House!" Okay, I'm not seriously going to rename it that, but if you would go through my archives or if you happen to receive our bi monthly newsletters, you would find that I tend to say that phrase alot. Because, well... its just true.

The fact is, having an interesting home is part of my make up. If I didn't get to enjoy people, personalities, kids, color, animals, food, and more my life would be sad. And frankly, I think I'd be depressed.

I'll have pictures soon, to prove the following. I just need to wrestle the camera away from my husband right now. He's in the middle of an intensive internship and his end project will include a picture display (or something along those lines).

So - what's the title have to do with this post?

Well - let's see. Right now, I am feeding the following in our home

7 people
1 cat
2 butterflies
random hummingbirds

a turtle.

Oh the fun! We found a box turtle in the parking lot of our church. And because everything is a teachable moment in my mind, I persuaded my dear husband to bring it home with us. Currently, Jonah (named by the kids of course) the turtle lives in our upstairs bath tub. He is fed a healthy diet of green leaf lettuce, dandelion stems, grass and water.

He is quite comforted by the crazy sounds of our house, which include many loud romps to the bathroom by the kids and their friends. Diesel, the cat, has chosen to make friends with him, a decision that was not talked over in detail with Jonah. But, I think that the butterflies are relieved that Diesel chose the turtle over them! The hummingbirds are excited beyond words, as they were a bit tired of having the cat jump at the window when they were trying to drink. The nerve of that cat....

Who knows what will be next in our house. Unfortunately rodents tend to not really make it in our home, as I have a fetish with mousetraps. But large bugs, if kept whole when they die do make great lessons to teach on. Snakes are a definite no for me as well. I guess we could always trap one of the local bunnies that enjoyed the cabbage we grew in our garden this year!

Never a dull moment in our house..... never!


  1. Sounds like home. A great home to be exact!!!

  2. You are hilarious :-)

  3. When I first read this, my brain mixed up the number of cats and the number of people. That does make a difference!

  4. It sounds like so much fun to be in your house. And the turtle, that is awesome! Enjoy the craziness