At the end of June, I was sitting with the boys at the dining room table doing some "lessons." One of them was a list of favorites. Because Z man is still in the stage of saying the same thing EJ says, it was imperative to ask him first.

I wanted to document it, because, honestly I smiled for the rest of the day after I listened to both my boys little hearts!

Z-man, age 3, list of favorites

animal: cat
ice cream: chocolate
movie: David and Goliath
book: Thomas the Train
song: Joy to the World
food: yogurt
TV show: Tom and Jerry
Season: summer
color: red
holiday: Christmas
cartoon character: Batman
snack: yogurt

EJ, age 5(at the time of questions), list of favorites

animal: kitty cats
ice cream: cookie dough
movie: Leap Frog Videos
book: Cam Jansen series
song: Away in the Manger
food: ice cream
TV show: Tom and Jerry
season: winter
color: blue
holiday: Christmas
cartoon character: Jerry
snack: graham crackers with peanut butter


  1. Thats so great! I absolutely love the picture of them!!!!!!

  2. Awww... I love how Z. loves Yoghurt better than anything else!!!

  3. It is so fun to get snippets into their mind. And now you will have these memoirs documented for life.

    Little girl came across a tape this week of her answering similar questions on a tape record. She has played it over and over and over. She loves it!