I Wanted to Cry With Him

Sometimes, we are responsible for teaching our kids lessons in life, that well, you just don't want to share with them. As they get older, it gets harder, that I'm sure of.

Z man is 3, almost 4. And his spirit is one of peace and sweetness. My heart is tangled up in that little boy, as he goes through each day.

This week, he is attending VBS at our church. They have a huge table full of fun gifts. At the end of the day, names are pulled out of a hat and the prizes are awarded if you can say the scripture verse.

At the beginning of the week, Z man took my hand and brought me over to the prize table. There stood an "armor toy" in his words. It was a knights outfit. Now, my little boy loves to dress up. Just this morning he approached the breakfast table with a red cape and a sword tucked neatly down the back of his shirt. So, it was inevitable, that Z man would love the "armor toy."

Yesterday, I stood in the back of the sanctuary, ready to pick my boys up. It was the end of the day, where all the prizes were being awarded. The children's pastor picked up the "armor toy" and pulled out a name.... Z-man....... H (our last name begins with an S).

But poor Z, didn't hear the last name, he only heard his name. And so he (and his brother who wanted to help him), stood up quickly to go claim his valued prize. Only to find out that he wasn't the one who actually won it.

There I was in the back of the sanctuary, as my little boys chin began to tremble and huge alligator tears spilled over his cheeks. My heart broke and I wanted to cry with him.

The children's pastor apologized, as Z cried on my shoulder. And even though in my heart I could have given this little boy the world on a lollipop stick, I realized that sometimes, we just don't win the prize we so desperately want. Having to learn that is hard, even at 3.


  1. Awwwwwwww, that's so hard! Poor little guy. Don't you just wish we could protect our kids from the disappointments of life just a little longer? Like till they're 25 or so?! Kidding, I'm kidding.

    I sure pray that Jesus sends Z-Man a great big hug and kiss that he will just KNOW is from Him!

  2. :( I wish I had an armor toy to give him!

  3. Thats so sad! It's times like this I want to switch places with my kids and shield them from the disappointments in life!

    I'd have to say in a strange way it actually gets easier as they grow older. There is a foundation of who they are in Christ along with the experience to know that, though painful, they will live through their disappointments. We've reached that point and now I'm working on training them (and myself) to handle disappointments peacefully and without losing their (our) joy!