Just Beautiful

David and Rachael were officially married this past Friday. Oh, what a day it was! In all seriousness, their wedding was the most beautiful and intimate affair that I've attended, since CJ and I tied the knot ourselves!

I cried my eyes out several times. The bride was gorgeous, the groom was handsome, the wedding party - sassy! But the two little boys, who rang bells announcing the bride, well.... they of course stole my heart!

In the garden, with the sun setting, and candles twinkling, David and Rachael invited the presence of the Lord to their relationship. His peace and joy was certainly there! And they became husband and wife.

In the midst of all the fun details of the wedding, the Lord opened my eyes and my heart this past week. He confirmed in a deeper way, what He has called us to in this season of our lives. Rachael, was much like the first born child, as she was the first girl to come and live with us. Watching her grow and mature, find her mate, fall in love, and plan a wedding, was an amazing experience for me. There were of course, tough times but standing there in the garden, the Lord whispered the following to me.

“Is it worth all the turmoil and hassles that you go through in this season of your lives, to be able to stand here and be part of all of this?”

My answer was YES!


  1. I love the picture!