Random Facts Meme

Oh My Word tagged me for a new Meme last week. The goal is to share 7 wierd or random facts about myself. So, here goes nothing...

1. I've known my husband since kindergarten. Infact, I cornered him into a coat locker in Mrs. Fox's second grade class and kissed him. I sure did! Then in third grade I dumped him for Pat Corkle! Poor guy...

2. I was once a crazy liberal feminist, who was convinced that I should not eat meat, not shave normal body hair, and thought that the Indigo girls were the bomb! I wore patchouli, long flowered dresses, boots, and really wanted to join the Peace Corp and backpack Europe.

3. I have a small problem with motion sickness. I despise anything that rocks, twirls me around, or moves to fast. Yeah, I generally drive CJ and I everywhere.

4. Because of my motion sickness problem, I have an awesome story that includes a sail boat, orange soda, my nose, and feeding the fishes. You try to figure that one out!

5. When I came back from Mexico, in February, I was craving spinach. Now, I'm craving chocolate.

6. I've been a bit addicted to Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman lately. One of the girls living here, has both Season 1 and 2. She hasn't watched much of them at all. But, I'm considering buying her season 3 and 4.

7. I'm practically driving myself crazy with thoughts of wanting to go on another missions trip. If I didn't have to rely, listen, and trust God, I'd have booked another flight for May and made arrangements for help with the kids. sigh

So, I'm supposed to tag 7 people for this. However, I'm just going to tag Blue Eyed Babies and Mom on a Mission!


  1. :) I hate things that spin.

  2. I am loving your number 2 weird fact! I could totally picture you being that way, too, even though I love you as you are now :-). And Derrick is still touched by the fact that you did not get car sick when he drove.

    ~ V

  3. That's hilarious that you cornered your husband in the coat closet!! I went through a slightly less extreme version of your #2, too. But, I still ate meat. Flowery dresses, though, filled my closets and feminist thoughts filled my mind.

  4. Okay, Melissa and I MUST be twins separated at birth, cuz she said almost EVERY thing I was gonna say about #1 - that's the one I keyed in on. And I wonder, where is Pat Corkle something now? ;) Glad you saw the light and came back to CJ!!!!