Z man

Yesterday CJ and I were working in the kitchen, helping Rach with her wedding invitations! (side note - its so fun, to look at wedding stuff again! sigh) Anyways, EJ was downstairs in our room and Z man was running around the house playing. After awhile we noticed that it was very quiet.

CJ got up, checked in on EJ, who was quietly playing. Then he looked around the house for Z. A quick search, showed us that Z man was not around. CJ immediately began yelling his name. No Z.

My heart began to race and I jumped up and walked out of the kitchen as CJ ran outside yelling his name. Where is Z? Rach got up too and we both began yelling his name, searching all over the house.

As I was yelling out, I walked into the livingroom. There in a curled up ball, lying on the couch, was Z man, fast asleep, thumb in his mouth and monkey under his arm. My eyes filled up with tears as I looked at my sweet little boy, peacefully on our couch, fast asleep.

These boys of mine, have captured my heart....


  1. How incredibly sweet. I'm so glad you archived that moment. There won't be many more quite like that! However, there will be many more different ones! ENJOY!

  2. So sweet. I was so waiting for you to say that you found him in the car seat waiting to go somewhere! :)