Looking for Wisdom - Fire Edition - Follow Up

Well friends you really helped me gain perspective. Thank you so much for your wisdom and insight on my dear EJ and the stage of ungratefulness that he is in.

This is what I walked away with:

1. Don't take it personally.

2. It's just immaturity...not rebellion.

3. Give him choices.

4. Ego-centrism is a natural phase that they visit and re-visit BUT it is part of their developmental process.

5. Remember that extraordinary grace is required while teaching and modeling during these early years.

6. And last but not least ... I'm a good mama. ( needed to hear that one!)

Aren't those all just really good nuggets of wisdom?! When I read them all, I felt myself calm down a whole lot. Then I was reminded once again that raising children is not some sort of sprint race, but a marathon. Perhaps, I need to slow myself down and relax a little bit.

I did start enacting an idea with him over the last several days. We did some fun family things over the weekend. And during those times, I talked with him before and after, explaining that what we were about to do was a privilege and I expected to see a grateful heart when we were through. I told him up front that I would be asking him to tell me 5 things he was thankful for when we were done. Riding home we made it a family game going around saying what we were thankful for. I saw that it diverted him from a case of the grumpies and gave him an opportunity to be thankful as a family.

It's a start! Overall, I'm feeling a bit more equipped and encouraged. Thanks friends!


  1. I love what you did with your activities this weekend, and what a bonus that he responded so well!

  2. Sooo great! I love that you made it about all of you being thankful! You are a GREAT Mommy, and this is a thankless job sometimes. I'm glad you were wise enough to ask for wisdom - and got blessed in the process!