Looking for the Right Dress

I had the privilege of going dress shopping with Rachael yesterday! Her mom and sister flew in for a weeks stay to hammer out the details of her upcoming wedding. Yesterday we:

Viewed the gardens and site for her wedding and reception

Drilled the sweet woman who is semi coordinating the wedding

Drove to two different locations for her to try dresses on

And listened to a woman pitch ideas for flowers.
All. in. one. day!


  1. Wouldn't want to do it all over again but it does sound fun and romantic. Looking at the picture of the gowns brings a flood of memories!!


  3. Wow, that is a lot in one day. I absolutely loved planning my wedding and sometimes wish I could do it again (with the same man of course)

    I used to work selling wedding dresses in San Diego and I think that was the worst job I ever had :) Too many dresses, and too many cranky family members, Ha ha