Gimme A Book

When I look back at my childhood, the one thing that I remember the most was all the books I read. I inhaled books, sometimes reading 2 a day. In fact, I distinctly remember my mom sending my brother and I out to play, I would stuff a book down the back of my pants and slip out the door. Within minutes I had found a shaded tree and was lost in my newest novel.

It wasn't more then a day or two after I had brought EJ home from the hospital, that I remember holding him in one arm and in the other, reading out loud, a book to him. At that time it wasn't a children's book, in fact I have no idea what book it was. But I had every intent on having him learn what the melodic sound of listening to someone else read, was like.

When Z man entered the picture, I was a little worried. I didn't have the opportunities that I had with EJ, to read to him from the very start. But soon, those worries washed away as I would hold, again, now Z man in one arm, a book in another, and EJ curled up next to me. Yea, Z man was getting it too.

The biggest collection of anything we own in this house, are books. Bright colorful ones, long and in depth ones, serious or silly, we have quite our own little collection.

Of course a trip to the library, usually yields upwards of twenty or so books, to lug back home. But, oh what awaits us when we sit down and open those first few pages.

This morning, EJ and Z man snuggled up with Diesel the cat, I was off working on something else. I found them like this, EJ reading to Z. Both engrossed on what was to happen next. I stood with a satisfied grin on my face. They got it too!


  1. That's just awesome!

  2. This is so great! I can relate! I loved reading growing up and my dad always indulged me, whether it be at B. Dalton at the mall or endless trips to our dusty neighborhood library!

    I've done the same with my girls. They inhale them, although, with school and activities they only get to read in spurts. I'm looking forward to more "fun" reading time this summer when we have less on the "to do" list! In fact, this morning #2 just handed me her Scholastic Book Order form with her requests! And, even though we have enough books to open a library of our own, I can never say "no"!

  3. That's just wonderful! Abriella is the same way, she wants to read books more than go outside, I can see her being a lot like how you were. Abe is on his way there too, we read at LEAST a dozen books a day. I just love it!

  4. My boy has just taken to reading to his little sis. It is one of the most precious things to me. I grin for hours after moments like that.

    Great post.

  5. I love reading but I can't put the books down, so as of now I am not reading any books (other than the Bible).

    My kids LOVE reading too. They are 2yr and 9mo and they both have their own library cards.

  6. It's the moments like these that make it all worth it! Hold this in your heart for the next time they are making you crazy.