It's Okay, It's Just One of Those Days

It's a rainy day here. I'm sitting with a warm cup of coffee cocoa and Rita Springer on in the background. I'm not sure if its the weather or the throbbing tension headache or the achiness of fibromylgia in my body, but I'm feeling quite melancholy today.

It's days like today, that I would give just about anything for God to do that teleportation thing. I'm talking the "beam me up, Scotty" idea. Because if I could, I would have at least one of my five dearest friends in the world transported, without travel exhaustion or weariness, from Pennsylvania down here to my sweet home in North Carolina. I would offer them a warm cup of tea, our kids would play together beautifully, and we would putz around my home talking about normal life, digging deep, encouraging each other, and doing what best friends do, loving each other where we are at.

As much as I adore my phone calls, and I really do, it just can't replace having one of my closest friends sitting before me.

I've written about it before, the feeling of loneliness, the depths of friendships that I had and now treasure even more then ever. And when I'm feeling like I am today, I sometimes, to the point of tears, recollect the easiness of the friendships I had in the past. I allow my mind to think about the days, that I could call friends and within an hour be in their homes for the morning or afternoon, being real.

Truthfully, my loneliness has subsided in great measures over time. Now, I just find myself deeply thankful for what I had in the past. And I realize, should God ever choose to give me that kind of friendship again, that I will value it even more. I will cherish it.


  1. Love your thoughts, and I would like to let you know how grateful I was for the comment you left on my site a few days ago. It was very encouraging to me.

    Love you!


  2. I'm with ya, girl! I am so embarrassed now when I think about how much I took for granted back in SCentral PA - how easy it was to hang out in each other's kitchens, meeting for coffee at Panera, meeting up at the mall, and so on. No friendship I have here has come close to the easy comfort I had with the gals there. It's been a long road, but I am seeing some (albeit just a little!) fruit in this area and I'm treasuring it - and seeing it for the blessing it really is!

  3. I've been feeling this way lately. Well, I've felt lonely. I jsut posted about that myself.
    (I am so behind on blog reading)