Encountering God Night

Last night we had our mid week service. I was so excited to go, because I just knew that God was going to show up. I could feel it in my bones.

Worship was good, but I felt the fight during it. It was clear that if we wanted more of Him, then we were going to have to push through. And push through is what we did.

Soon after worship, our team from Mexico gave some testimonies of what we saw while down in Guadalajara. Give me a mike and watch out, I purposefully had to control myself from not going over my 3-5 minutes! Seriously, who can give testimony of all that we saw in 3 minutes??!!!

Dr. P (our team leader and the leader of our missions sending agency) then showed a 10 minute video of our time down there. He captured me declaring to the congregation that "tonight would be a night of miracles." I had to laugh at myself! Anyways, Dr. P then went on to give a quick exhortation on "encountering God."

The best part was literally as he was speaking pockets of our church began to get touched. It actually became funny as he tried to continue on with what he had prepared. But God.... He had a whole different plan.

Dr. P, wrapped up quickly and then had our team came forward to pray for people. It didn't require much from us at all, as God was in the house!!! Just about everyone I came in contact with got seriously touched by God!

The night ended with a healing. One of the girls, we so love, was having problems with her ear pain, full of fluid, causing sinus headaches, etc. I prayed over her and asked the Lord to heal her, she shook and shook. Twenty minutes later she came over to me, smiling, saying, "the pain is gone!"

Gotta love an "encountering God night!"


  1. I left you a little something over at my blog. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Praise God!
    When God shows up beautiful things happen.