My Answer to Monday's Musings

The Campbell Corner is giving us the opportunity to dig deep and think things through, with her Monday Musings, editions. Today she offered the following as a backdrop for going deeper.

"Miracles are not to be interpreted as divine acts against the laws of nature (for those laws are themselves expressions of God's will) but as more profound revelations of the character of the divine relationship to creation. To be credible, miracles must convey a deeper understanding than could have been observed without them." ~ John Polkinghorne

I've been chewing on the supernatural for some years now. I remember one specific time standing at a conference in my home church and praying with everything in me that a little girls leg would grow. When I left that night, she was the same as when she walked in. I was so frustrated, because I had believed that my faith and all those around me had the faith in God, to see that little girls leg grow.

I've pushed God on all of the supernatural. Show me angels, Lord. I didn't have a choice on demons, I saw them very quickly. Show me healings. She me Glory clouds. Give me visions, give me prophetic words. Give me dreams.... I want more of You. And so on and on...

In the beginning, I desired all of those abilities because I personally wanted more of Him, for myself. I was searching for what Polkinghorne is talking about "but as more profound revelations of the character of the divine relationship to creation." As I was seeing it, I was His creation and I wanted a deeper more profound revelation of who it was that I was worshipping, this one I called Jesus. The bible is full of miracles, of supernatural happenings. If this is the God I am going to follow, shouldn't we be seeing this today too?

As my faith has grown deeper and I have begun to witness miracles and truthfully not always witness them too, slowly I've been grasping part of what He is doing on this earth. If in my heart, I desperately want to see people come to know my loving God. If, I as a simple human being on this vast earth, desire people to know real Hope, real Love, real Comfort. Then what must He be feeling? His love is beyond words. I will never be able to love and care as much as He, on this side of Heaven.

There are serious revelations when God gets your attention with the supernatural. He provokes you to stop looking at the rest of the world or daily life and look upward, to Him. He gets your attention and says, "Hey, its Me. I'm real. And I love you and I want to be part of your life. I can give you rest. I can give you hope. Please let Me into your life."

Let me end with this testimony from Mexico. There was this sweet older woman who came into one of our services during the week. Towards the end of the evening an altar call was made and specifically a call to those who were sick or with ailments to come forward. This 4 foot woman came forward. I stood behind her as one of the other missionaries prayed with her. Her right eye was blind because her husband had beaten her. As she was prayed over, the Lord restored her sight and she was healed.

She was so calm about it. I, on the other hand, was jumping up and down for joy, shouting Jesus! Jesus! She looked over at me and smiled, simply.

The very next night, she came back to the service, this time she brought her entire family. They filled two entire rows of chairs. Again, the evening was ending with a salvation call. She stood up and looked at her family and motioned for them to come forward. Every. single. one. of them went forward and received Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Was there a deeper understanding in that healing? A revelation of our Creator? Absolutely!


  1. What an awesome testimony! Thank you for writing about this.

    Thanks also for participating. The point isn't how intellectual you are or aren't. Rather we can each learn and gather something different from one another...and that makes it so much sweeter. How boring life would be with my thoughts alone!

  2. GOOD STUFF! Amen!