Homeschooling, Feeling a Bit Artsy, and Too Cute

I've been struggling with homeschooling lately. Mostly because it is hard to get back on track when you've had holidays, people staying with you, and out of the country trips. My sweet EJ takes it all in stride, especially when we do double time! I really do love watching him learn though!

Z-man is certainly the second child. Anything EJ's doing, he wants to try as well. Unlike his brother, he's not too thrilled with getting his picture taken!

In all my spare time (yea right!), I've been in the mood to mod podge something. So I took our brown ugly can that held every colored pencil imgaginable and slapped some color onto it! How fun! Now, I'm scanning the rest of the house to find something mod podge worthy.

Since, I didn't find anything to mod podge fast enough, I decided to get a handle on the countless pieces of artwork that coat the fridge in our house. I decided that I was limiting the amount of artwork to three pieces per kid. Then I made fancy name tags and had the kids help me make their own magnet clips to hang with.

Here is one of EJ's clip. Very simple and yet fun.

And in case you were wondering what exactly do we during our homeschooling time. Well, here is one of EJ's most recent works. We polled everyone living in our home about what kind of animals they grew up with. Then EJ made a pictograph.

His four sentences, which you can barely read here are the following:
The dogs are first.
The cats are second.
The fish are third.
The birds are last.
And seriously, what mother couldn't resist a face like this one? I told you he doesn't mind posing for the camera!


  1. I love that last picture of EJ. He is just the cutest thing.

  2. they look so big. and older. defintely cute.

  3. They are absolutely adorable!! I know what you are saying about getting in the creative mood. My husband will come home and ask "what happened to the...." I will then explain my creative urge. He just laughs and smiles and tells me if he sat around for to long in the house I would probably have a creative urge to make over him.:)
    Great Stuff!

  4. What a great post. I enjoy seeing the artwork and other works.

  5. Saxon. Math. K.
    We did the same animal graph, I believe it was just last week.

    I completely agree with the second child wanting to do as the older sibling. I think you will be amazed at how fast he will catch on to different concepts just by being around as big brother is learning.

    Enjoyed your post and all the artwork. Have a great week.

  6. I can't believe how big they have gotten! They are just too cute.