Creative Worship

The one thing that I am learning about the Lord, is that we have to stop putting Him in a box! He is so much bigger then we can fathom or realize!

I was in the mood to do some creative worship with the kids. So, I turned on worship music and got out the paints. I explained to the children that the person who was playing on the cd, was worshipping the Lord through their music.

Now before you call social services on me for this photo, let me continue on explaining. I was teaching the boys to listen to the worship music and to paint from that experience. Listening requires being quiet. And since my children are 3 and 5, being quiet is not natural for them. They each gently wore a small piece of masking tape on their mouths to help remind them of their silence.

I gave them cups of tempera paint with a dime size spot of dish detergent mixed in. And then let them paint on the glass door in our livingroom.

Plastic covered the floor for sweet little feet and any extra drips of paint.

My youngest is either a super hero or knight right now. So it must be impossible to paint without your other hand holding on to your sword, right?

It may not be Van Gough, but as the boys were painting, I began to photograph the beautiful colors.

And then, I had to try it myself....


  1. That is so cool!

  2. I love that idea especially the window friendly paint. We do that with drawing what the Lord is showing the kids during worship. That is great!!

  3. So awesome!You are such an amazing mama. :)

    We're in process of incorporating this at church in the children's ministry! Obviously Simms and I are not leading that week. The potential mess could stress me/us out.

    I will say that I like the glass idea but am thinking about them painting it from the outside. I'm assuming that this paint comes off relatively easily? How? Stop laughing. Obviously I was never allowed to do this as a child!

  4. That is so cool and beautiful! I echo TCC's comments - how does it come off, etc?

  5. Very neat! I would never think of stuff like this on my own (not that I am necessarily going to do this exact thing, however).