It was a good week, to be quiet. I did enjoy reading other blogs from time to time. But instead of publishing for the rest of the world I wrote quietly more in my journal, then online. God is doing amazing things in me right now and I can't explain them real well. So, I need to be quiet.

However the week is over and there is lots of fun things that aren't so challenging to tell you about. Like, the newest addition to our family....

Meet Diesel the Fire Family Kitten!

It seemed as though it was the right time in our kids lives to give them a pet. And since both my husband and I are not dog fans, a kitten became the best choice.

So, we prayed for a couple of weeks, visiting Petsmart and looking online for just the right little guy. Last Wednesday we found him at a local kitten rescue.

Diesel is 6 weeks old, he is playful and super cuddly. His purbox works fantastically. Most importantly, the kids LOVE him.

As for why we named him Diesel, well it was quite a complicated process which included the many voices in our house and their opinions. In the end, we narrowed it down to Java, Steele, and Diesel. The name Diesel won, 4-2 in the house poll, just today. It took us that many days to name the poor thing!

So, there you go!


  1. Welcome back and what a cute kitten! One of my coworkers found a tiny calico kitten outside our building today, with no mama in sight. She was soaking wet and crying pitifully. Seeing those little blue eyes made me think about getting a cat again.

    We put our cat down about a year and a half ago, and even Happy King has started to warm up to the idea of getting another pet of some sort.

  2. Abigail would L-O-V-E to have a cat, but I am allergic. But it's almost like she needs to have a cat. I think it would be good for her and good for the cat :-). How are your boys doing with Diesel?

    Love ya ~ Val