He Fell Asleep Holding My Hand

My kids are 3 and 5, so you'd think that by now we would not have problems with sleeping through the night. And honestly, in comparison to the infancy years, we really don't have a whole lot of problems.

Lately, though, I've been feeling a bit sleep deprived. I'm fighting a bit of a cold, that tends to keep me coughing through most of the night. But that is life, at times, right?

Really, what keeps me waking up at night, is my Z-man. It feels as though CJ and I just can't get a full nights sleep without a visit from Z. There's plenty of reasons, why? Of course! He's scared. He wants Mama. He can't get his jammies on right, after his midnight rendevous with the bathroom. He lost Pup Pup or Monkey or Felix or kitty. Or he doesn't like a certain light!

All I know, is that our nights include a visit from Z-man. And if for some reason they don't, then the likelyhood is that EJ will be up. It's true ... I am convinced that someone out there thought it would be a great idea to tell our kids to find away to wake mommy and daddy up nightly!

So, last night, I returned home from a meeting. I walked into the boys room to check on them and Z-man was wide awake. He just couldn't fall asleep. "Please, can I come cuddle with you?" he asked.

And the lollipop (sucker) that I am, said yes. CJ was going to be up studying anyhow and I'm off to Mexico in less then 10 days. Why not?

He toddled into my room, climbed up on the big bed and got right under the covers. We went over the "rules," no talking, no playing around, close your eyes and go to sleep. I turned the lights off. Then my little sweet Z, snuggled up with me, holding onto his monkey. In the dark, he found my hand and held onto it, and then proceeded to immediately fall fast asleep.

That moment captured my heart and I surrendered, once again, my life, including nights, to raising this child. It's worth it.


  1. Your right it is sooo worth it!!

    Thank you for the article it was great!!

  2. I love it!

    I'm like a big old stick of butter melting all over when my girls do that stuff!

    #3 will come in and want to lay with me and she'll give me the biggest lip and say "'cause you complete me"!

  3. So sweet!
    I love a thumb sucker, that picture is adorable.

  4. I love when Princess wants to hold my hand. It makes my heart melt too.

  5. That's so sweet. My son sucks his thumb too. After one attempt to take it out of his mouth when he was an infant, I decided that he could have it as long as he wanted.

  6. That is so adorably Becky! Did i ever tell you that you should write a book one day and I'll buy it and read it for I think you have such a talent for writing?
    No? I didn't? Well, did now!
    Thanks for sharing amazing moments of your life with us

  7. Love that sweetness! Especially poignant here because The Boss laid down a deal with LadyBug that he'd paint her room in the spring if she'd stop sucking her thumb. She did it, cold turkey, without hardly a struggle. I was devastated! I just don't think I was ready for that! Not yet, not my baby girl. . .

  8. Just too sweet! I love my cuddly little boy and even though it seems burdinsom sometimes, I try to remember he's not going to be like this forever :)