Cue in God...

Last week my landlord visited our home. He had a project that he was working on, so he brought one of his trusty friends along to help. His trusty friend brought his wife. And so, there I was with three people standing in my livingroom, working on new french doors.

I love my landlord. He talks and talks and we have the best conversations. He doesn't know it, but he has been used mightly by the Lord, in blessing us with this house. So, I'm usually in a great mood when he stops over. This day was no exception.

I began talking with his friends, Ed and Linda, getting to know them. I found out that they lived here all their lives, knew our landlord for 37 years, and had children around the same age as me. They found out that we had a heart for missions, that my husband was in bible school, and so on.

Then, in the middle of Ed working on the doors, he stood up and said something about his back and how much pain he had.

Cue in God....

The previous evening I had been at a "Mexico prayer meeting." One of the women on my team was sharing with us, how her back had just been healed of scoliosis. She stood before us and bent down, touching her toes, with NO pain!

I remembered that, as I stood in front of Ed. Casually, I told him about her and asked if I could pray for him. He said sure and then for the remainder of the time, he and his wife told me about their church and other churches around.

The opportunity for praying for him was fading quickly and I didn't want to force God's hand. So I enjoyed their company and allowed things to go as they were.

They stepped out the door, waving good bye, my chance to pray with them going out too. I said one more quick thing, "I'll be praying for your back."

And that is when God opened the door up. His wife looked right at him and said, "you get over there and get your back prayed for, now!!"

And so, I stood on the street, in front of my landlord, Ed, and his wife Linda, and I proclaimed healing over his back. I even said, "God there's no need for shouting or hoopla, I just calmly ask you to heal this mans back." And off Ed and Linda went.

Good news ... Ed just returned to my home, to tell me his back is feeling great! He is pain free!

I'm joining with angels, doing a happy dance for my God, the Great Healer!


  1. Thank you for encouraging us all to keep a vigilant eye out for what the Lord is doing. Some times I am apprehensive but you showed me the Lord will clue me into what He is about to do.

  2. So very. very cool. :)

  3. Wahoo!!!!!

  4. So awesome!

    Thank you for sharing. It encourages us to step out too.

  5. That is awesome!

  6. Way cool! Love the fact that your home is becoming more and more a HUB of real life ministry of the Holy Spirit! Very cool.

  7. That is so exciting! Definitely one of the up days on the roller coaster :)

  8. How beautiful! You are an amazing woman of faith, thank you so much for encouraging us. There have been so many times I wanted to do something like that and didn't out of silly fear.

    Thank you