Making Time to Talk and Listen

I miss my husband. It seems as though in the midst of two kids, 3 college girls, a full time job, full time school, homeschooling, ministry, we just don't see each other enough. Well, I mean, I see him. But I don't get to talk with him.

Last night, we put the kids in bed and asked the girls if we could just run out for an hour or two. They obliged willingly. CJ and I ran out to the local AppleBee's and ordered dessert. We talked and talked, mostly hard stuff. But it was good. We needed it.

On the same lines, I've noticed EJ has been a bit off lately. We call it stinky diaper attitude. He's had a major case of it over the last week.

This morning, CJ and I sat down with EJ and listened to him. We asked him questions, heard him, encouraged him, and most importantly prayed with him. Bless his heart, his eyes were full of tears and he needed some extra hugs. We had told him over the last day or two, that daddy and I were going to sit down and talk with him. He brought it back up to us three times, before we actually sat down and really talked with him.

Life is really busy these days. All good things, really. But sometimes we just need to take a minute or two and really listen to each other. Somehow it puts us back on track....

It's the same with our Father.


  1. Excellent reminder. I think this is why people try to rush through issues in "the moment." We don't actually believe that we will really stop to talk about it later.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you made time to go out together!

    And how adorable EJ is! I love the fact that he kept asking you about the talk. It made me think of when our Father lets us know He needs to have a chat with many of us actually go back and say "are we going to talk now" or try to avoid the conversation altogether?

  3. Good stuff!

  4. A beautiful reminder! I'm so glad you guys were able to get out and talk, It's so important! And what a mature little guy you have, I he finds joy soon.

  5. Amen!!!