Chipmunk Wars

There is an ongoing chipmunk war between our house and the Thrills household. Its been going on for years. However, since our move to NC, the war has picked up a bit.

The goal, is to hide the purple weird chipmunk (whom I've been told is Sally from Sp*ngeB*b. Let it be duly noted that I do NOT care for Sp*ngeB*b, at all) somewhere in the other persons house.

Sally has been known to be found in places such as bath tubs, ice cream containers, and just recently she was found in CJ's dress shoes!!!

However, since her appearance, Sally has been on the run.

A pack of wild animals thought she looked appetizing....

Ewww... Sally's stuck in "Wild Lyons" hair.... gross.

Oh, no Sally is being held as a hostage....

Whatever will happen to Sally???? Stay tuned.... you never know where Sally will turn up next!!


  1. Two months! Not too bad. Did he bite CJ's toe? LOL! I was beginning to think we would have to give you hints.

  2. OK. I am soooo glad I am not the only mom out there that hates the sponge dude. We also have the same nerf type gun that my Knight and I run around the house shotting each other with.

    Also got to love Kari Jobe. Good Stuff!!