Elephant and Donkey, right????

Lately I have been thinking that my brain is going to mush... I feel like it is. I feel like I am not reading enough and when I do, its easy books. Because anything else just frustrates me. And here's my daily computer reading.... check in on my email, most of the blogs on my side bar, and CNN. In fact, I check CNN news several times a day.

Even with reading CNN daily, I am totally, completely, frustrated with the presidential elections. I can't keep up with who is where, what they believe in, why they attack each other, or for that matter, what they stand for.

I need someone to explain it to me like I am a kindergartner...

Thankfully Nat is doing that. For the record, Nat is a nut. She has not 1, not 2, but 3 blogs going now. And, of course, I am reading them all daily.

I'm quite excited about her newest endeavor, in the blogosphere, Politics for Moms. Finally....someone is breaking it down for me, in small bite sizes pieces and helping me to understand what all this election, debate, presidential, politics, is all about.

Maybe this time, I will actually go to the polls making an educated decision.

Go check her out! Politics for Moms


  1. I added it to my bloglines. I can handle bite size pieces to chew on. But the whole spectrum tends to overwhelm. Thanks for recommending the blog.

  2. Great Site!! Thank you for letting me know and the rest of us too. It was wonderful thought provoking stuff. She's just too darn amazing.

  3. I happen to think the election dealies go on way too far ahead of time, and it really becomes quite a joke for me. I might check out that site however.