Well, Hello There....

I know I had said I would return to posting a few days after Thanksgiving. But then I got caught up in all the happenings around here.

The biggest was CJ's trip to Israel. He just returned today. And honestly while he was gone, I didn't want to announce to the rest of the world, his departure. Of course those of you who know us in real life, were aware of his trip!

He is home though! Thank God. Safe and sound and thoroughly exhausted. His stories sound amazing and I am dying to see all his pictures. But right now he is sleeping soundly.

The kids and I fared well. It seems as though each time he leaves for some sort of trip, I am getting better and better at how to handle our home without him. This time, however, I had the aid of one of the girls who lives with me. Having another adult in the house always makes things a bit more easier.

Homecoming is so sweet. And having my CJ home with the kids and I is wonderful. Tonight, I plan to rest well, knowing that my husband is right there beside me.

I hope to be returning to the blog world on a more regular basis now!



  1. So glad to see you posting again. You are a dose of sunshine for me when you post! love you!

  2. I'm glad to hear he had a safe trip. My mom went to Israel many years ago and really enjoyed it.

  3. I totally understand how it's hard to get back into blogging after being away for so long. I'm just now trying to get back myself :)

    How awesome that he got to go to Isreal though. I would absolutely love to go there. With little ones to take care of though I don't see it happening anytime soon. I really do hope to walk on the same ground our Jesus did though some day.

    Him coming down and taking us all home would do good too :)