5 Things that Got me Thru

Over the last 3 years, CJ has been traveling more and more. Each time, a little further then before. Every time he goes, I stay home with the kids.

It seems as though with each trip, I am beginning to find my rhythm, my way of getting through the time, spousless. Here are 5 things I've found that worked for me these past 10 days!

1. Sleep - now, usually I am all about setting an alarm clock and getting up before the kids, etc. But this time around, I didn't always get up before them. Infact, I slept in with them. And even waited for some morning cuddle time! When CJ is gone, I have a hard time going to bed at night. I find myself up till the wee hours of the morning. Lack of sleep can make me grumpy. And a grumpy mama is not a good deal for the kids, who are already missing their daddy. So, I canned the alarm clock and slept in!

2. Make -up. My morning routine does not include make up or a little extra time with my hair, unless I am going out for the day. But during the time CJ was gone, I spent a little extra time in the bathroom, washing my face, putting a little make up on, and spending the extra 1o minutes or so doing my hair just the way I wanted for the day. Somehow I felt fresher, happier, and ready to take on the day ahead of me.

3. Plan ahead of time. The day that CJ left, I sat down and wrote out a list of what I wanted to do with the kids and even by myself. My list included christmas crafting, going out to eat, getting our picture taken together at one of those mall spots, as well as visiting with some new friends and watching a movie or two. I did not load up on serious projects, dire commitments or an unruly load of homeschooling. I did my best to have some fun with the kids, yet maintain our daily schedule. Having my list with me helped me during the week when I felt like CJ's homecoming wasn't happening soon enough.

4. Turn the tv off! Okay, I'll admit it, I hate going to bed at night, without CJ. First of all, I have a bit of a fear issue. Second of all, I prefer the security of my husbands arms and presence. So the first few nights, I found myself falling asleep with the tv on. It seemed like an easier way of avoiding the quiet and nervousness. But then I would wake up to some nasty commercial that I just didn't want to be seeing, let alone dreaming about. So, finally I picked up the tv and brought it back into the spare bedroom where it usually is. While this helped my dreams and truthfully my conscience, I still struggled with anxiety. Oh well. It was still worth it....

5. Pick a small craft or two and work on it. It's a good thing that Christmas is just around the corner because I had much to work on. When the kids were in bed, I was crafting my little heart out. I made 3 stockings, including one embellished with bead work, 6 framed word pictures, some jewelry, and 20 cards. Not to mention the kids crafts!

We made it! And as usual I am always more thankful for my husband when he returns. I am also thankful that I am not a single mom or a military wife!!!

So what are some things you've learned when your husband takes a trip?


  1. I'm with you on the night time nervousness! While I knew we were safe, I just didn't like having "The Protector" of our home gone! I slept with lights on and the phone nearby and all 3 girls in our bed with me!

  2. Thankfully, my husband hasn't gone on an overnight trip in over a year.

    I think you need to post pictures of some of your crafts. I miss doing crafts with you!

  3. Since we left SC PA, The Boss rarely travels. And the kids are much older. So now when he travels, we can do special or extra things without wiping Mommy out.

    But one thing that hasn't changed from his long travel days back when they were all little is sleep. Mine and theirs. No matter what fun stuff I add in when he's away, we are all tucked in neatly and early. Sometimes as much as an hour earlier than normal.

    When he did travel so frequently, we stripped our routine to the bare bones and I worked hard to "hold the line" on keeping the day running without too many extras to distract us all. It was hard, especially for me (an EXTROvert!), but it paid off in a peaceful, caught up household when he returned. THEN I jetted out to hang with a friend at the mall :)

  4. Oh, I am so glad you posted this!!! My hubby and I will be separated for about 3 months when he leaves for Qatar next month and I'm already having panic attacks about it. This is so helpful!