You Make Us Want to Perservere

When Thrills and her family arrived, CJ went to help unload their bags and things from the car. As he unloaded everything, out came some very special packages and gifts.

You know who you are....

Each one of you, left us speechless. And when we were able to regain our tongues, our minds were once again blown away by the generosity and love you have shown us.

You make me want to perservere through this season in life! Your prayers, generous gifts, and support keep us going, moving forward.

The love that you all have shown us is so deep, so amazing, and so sacrificial.

I intend to call and write each one of you, individually. But I wanted to share with the world, just how thankful our hearts are for how you've loved us!

We love you!


  1. I'm glad you got a special surprise.

  2. That is so awesome! A visit with great friends, goodies from "home" and blessings to carry you through just when you needed it. Sounds like our Father has been busy at work in the hearts of your friends!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all down there!

  3. I'm afraid you ain't seen nothing yet...

  4. ((hugs))