It's a Little Bit Like Being on Vacation

Finals are over. Classes are out. And the Thrills household arrived this past weekend for a 4 day visit. Things are cheery and good here, in the Fire House.

CJ and I have been walking around holding Little Guy, playing with Princess, enjoying good conversations, eating good food, and laughing a lot. Relaxation has been the goal for all of us, with little hope of accomplishing anything big.

The kids are in their glory as they have been counting down the days until Aunt and Uncle Thrills joined our home. They have spent a lot of time saying, "Look Uncle .... at me do this. Or did you know, Aunt.... that I can do this now?"

There is something about having them in our home and knowing that our kids love them as if they were literally their blood relatives, that warms my heart.

We are blessed and deeply thankful to have them here.


  1. Good times!

  2. I hope you have tons of fun with your guests during the holiday.

  3. we have friends like that and it just blesses my soul

  4. I think they've been looking forward to it just as much. :)

    Have a wonderful time together. This type of friendship is priceless.

  5. Enjoy every minute of it! So glad you get to spend the holiday together - makes you extra thankful, huh? :)