I've got Georgia on My Mind

It's been a week or more since I've had time to really write. I keep looking at my blog, thinking I want to write, I really do. I just don't know when or what to write about.

I don't know about you, but I've signed up for every last giveaway out there! Good grief, there is alot. I thought about putting something up for grabs here. Last time I had a gift certificate to giveaway. But alas, I looked around and couldn't come up with something worth giving, unless people wanted banana bread! Because I still have lots of that! Oh well, I am sure that next time I will host a giveaway. It's just so much fun.

In the meantime, our home has recovered from the Missions Week. Our guests left last weekend. Truthfully, we were sad to see them go. They were such a blessing to us. Three generations of bible believin, Jesus lovin, Englanders (is that a word?) stayed here. And it did my heart a lot of good.

The kids are finally getting over their sicknesses. It did pass around a bit, just not as strongly, to some of the other housemates, including my husband. But overall, everyone is doing fine.

CJ only has 2 more weeks of classes to go, until break. He's handing in his term paper tomorrow. The day after break ends, Thrills and family will be here! I am counting down the days!!!

Today, I embark on a quick trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Our housemate, R, did a discipleship program there, two years ago. She is heading down for the weekend and I get to go along with her. I am excited, because I am hoping that I will have some quiet, rejuvenating time with the Lord.

I need to be filled up, right now, with God. I need to sit with Him quietly and soak in just Him. That is why Georgia is on my mind, right now! I'm certain He is there and I am looking forward to my time with Him!

See you sometime early this week. In the meantime, have a little fun and sign up for all the fun giveaways!



  1. It's okay not to write if you don't feel like it. i skipped this round of giveaways. It is a lot of work to sign up for them and also a lot of work to visit people effectively.

    Hope you win something!

  2. I agree with Heidi. It's good for me to just skip a day or two when I'm feeling pressed for time. I almost daily take time to read my favorites, but have let myself off the hook for "having to post" - I just don't need one more "should do" on my daily list!

    Enjoy your visit to GA - I've always wanted to go to Atlanta and Savannah. They sound so charming and Southern and romantic, just saying them. Rest up, rejuvenate and have some pecan pie!