It's RAD

This weekend I traveled with housemate, R, to a town outside of Atlanta, GA. Two years ago, she entered into a discipleship program, called RAD (Radical Action Discipleship). Check out their site and see what it is all about here. This program is designed to raise up young adults in a holy and adventurous atmosphere. This years class has already backpacked 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail, made there own bamboo village to live in, and has learned and built their own tabernacle. Throughout all of this, they receive daily teachings on biblical ways and are discipled one on one, as well as in a group setting, by the staff. It honestly looks to be an amazing and intense program, one that will change their lives forever!

The first night, R and I stayed at the directors home. We spent time talking with some of the staff, getting to know the director and his family a bit and visiting with the students (whom live in the woods in what they call the, Bamboo village). The next morning R and some of her friends, took us to a sweet country mountain town, called Dahlonega. There we munched on some pizza, swapped stories, and window shopped. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know R and her friends in a whole new way.

That night, I enjoyed my first ever, Low Country Boil, a dish that included potatoes, shrimp, kielbasa, and corn on the cob, all boiled together and then dumped onto the counter on newspaper. Everyone serves and eats with their hands!! It was delicious and I intend on trying it out here at home sometime soon.

The best part of the trip was spending the night in the "Bamboo Village," with the students. R and I camped out the last night, in a luxury tent (used only for staff and guests). We woke up the next morning to the students making bacon and pancakes for us! I sipped a huge cup of cocoa and listened to each students story of how they got there.

It was such a neat opportunity for me to get away for a bit. But more importantly, to learn about what R did for 9 months of her life. I felt blessed that she shared her life with me in that way!

Here is a hilarious picture of the two of us, the morning after our camp out!


  1. That sounds like a great trip! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Very cool.

  3. What a great weekend away!

  4. Newspaper? Hands? Interesting.
    I think I need a visual here to fully comprehend.

    Enjoy your time.

  5. That is you! I think it sounds like something you would have done if you were younger and no kids.

    It sounds like you had a great time. I am so glad you got to go.

    We will see you soon!!!!!!!

  6. That sounds fun. Well, most of it - the shopping and eating and talking. Not a huge fan of the whole tent thing, but it does sound like you had a great time. Glad you got refreshed!

  7. Glad you got some refreshing. I love stopping by your blog and seeing how God is working in your life, your honesty about the struggles of life and your continued hope and perseverance. God has good plans for you!! Having housemates sounds fun. Whenever I read about yours, I find myself daydreaming about how we could do this, too.