For this I am Thankful

I had been racing around yesterday, getting together supplies, prizes, crafts and more ready for Sunday's Fall Harvest Festival. The kids were awesome as we must have visited at least 10 different places. Each time they had to get in and out of the car, I would say to them hastily, "c'mon buckle up, guys, we have to get going."

I was tired when I pulled in front of my house. I quickly told the kids to clean up their trash, books, sippy cups, etc before getting out of the car. When I finally opened the car door, coming out of the house was one of the girls, K, who lives with us. She immediately came running over and began taking all the supplies out.

As I lugged one load in, she followed behind and then said, "don't worry, I'll get the rest." I walked into the kitchen and sitting on the table was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, compliments of our other housemate, M!!!

Then as the afternoon wore on, K spent an hour sitting with the boys watching a video and M, busily got to working on making banana breads and muffins. When the video was over, K came in and helped to put together the 150 craft bags and cut out stickers for the festival, while the kids "helped" M on the baking end of things.

For this I am so thankful. The Lord has brought me such wonderful girls to live with. They are home bodies, who adore my children. They love to be in the kitchen baking and cleaning or cuddled up with my children reading a book. They laugh and cry, they care deeply for my little family. And within the last couple of months, they have comfortably become a sweet part of our home.

I am thankful.


  1. That is so wonderful! What a blessing. any of them want to come up North for a visit. :) Just kidding.

  2. Wow. What wonderful girls you are hosting. They seem like the kind who help without being asked. You know the kind that you don't have to tell, they just do. Think about the great practice this is giving them!

  3. Re: Fibromyalgia

    You know, at the moment, he isn't taking any extra vitamins and minerals. We're trying to find some that suit him well. He use to be on SAM-e.

    Our current problem is that painkillers do not work.. period. He'd have to take a handful of vicodin and it still might not work.

    We're trying something very controversial now... which I won't post here publicly.

    What are you taking? You can email me at SmokeyJoeMcGee at aim dot com.

  4. That's so great! Sometimes you just need a couple helping hands to keep everything sane. That is so nice that you have good people living there.

  5. that is SO good to hear! I have been thinking about you and wondering - how does she do it?! even with the help that you are receiving, I think that you are amazing and a special gift to those around you!

  6. There's a little something for you on my blog! Please stop by to collect it. Thank you for being a blessing and an encouragement to me.

  7. What great girls!

    (sorry I'm behind on reading blogs)

  8. How beautiful! What a blessing God has put in your life.