Whatever You do, Don't Send Us Chocolate!!!!

4 girls, 1 man, and 2 boys. That's what we have living in this house. The honeymoon period has ended a bit and the real truth of who we all are is beginning to show. Apparently there is a bit of a battle going on in the house for any sort of sweets. Bake a batch of cookies or two and they are usually gone in less then 24 hours. Want some ice cream, sure if you are there fast enough!

So today a kind family visited us for dinner and blessed our home with this....

8 boxes of Dove chocolate cookies and a bag full of M & M's snack bags! Where to begin, where to begin?!!! Let's start with 8 grams of fat in 3 cookies. Hmmm... that took me out of the equation of who gets what.

But certainly, not her! No, M, is our mischievous sweetaholic in this house. When you go around the room and discuss who ate the most cookies, brownies, or general treats.... inevitably M guiltily raises her hand to confession. Now, where it all goes to, I can't figure that out! Since she is about as big as my pinky....

Pride certainly will not get in the way of her chocolate. No siree...

Of course cuteness is always a factor. Miss K, here was puttin on the charm after she and the rest of her roomies scored their own box of cookies and three packs of M&M's.

Don't you worry, CJ certainly got his own box as well as his own packs of M&M's. Of course, there is plenty to still go around. The left overs are sitting in the pantry, waiting for their inevitable consumption.

Care to guess how many days it will take for the rest to be gone???


  1. AGh! I love chocolate, my husband hates it. I don't get enough of it...enough said!

  2. Jim sends his condolences to CJ...especially around that "special" time of the month.

  3. Those look way too good! I need to make some milk chocolate & coconut cookies now! Thanks a lot :)

  4. Thanks so much, now I'm totally craving dark chocolate. AFTER pigging out on fried chicken thighs. AFTER a hard work out at CURVES! Yes, my hormones are all wacky this week and yes, I'm leaving now to eat the chocolate chips I hide just for these occasions!

  5. I like chocolates too much too! If there's chocos in the house, they'll be gone in an instant!