Our first day back with the Ninos de Cristo ministry was this past Tuesday. Our goal this trimester is to teach the children how to really pray and talk with their Father in heaven. But before you can teach them about that, you need to make sure that they even have a relationship with Him, right? So, this week we did a hands on practical lesson.

We duct taped a kid to the wall!

Now, before you get a little too excited and try this at home with your own kids, let me explain to you the purpose.

We placed a child on a stool against the wall. Then we asked the kids to start telling us about sins, what they mean, what they are, etc. For each sin, we placed a piece of tape across the child and onto the wall. Soon, there was tons of taped "sins" on this kid. After awhile, we kicked the stool out from underneath him and had him hang there.

The guy who was doing this, acting as God, then asked the child to come to him. He told him that he loved him and wanted to spend time with him. The child couldn't move, couldn't get out and was trapped by his sin.

We offered a message about salvation, with a time of prayer and discussion afterwards.

A couple kids gave their lives to Jesus that day!


  1. That's awesome!

  2. What an effective way to demonstrate the power of the cross!

    Rejoicing for those salvations!!!

  3. That's so creative! I'll bet that's one word picture that will stick with a whole lotta kids now :)

    Awesome news about the kids' responding - you must love doing it all and seeing the fruit growing little bits at a time.

  4. What an amazing way to explain what the Lord did for us. Thank you for sharing

  5. I love that! I'm going to do that one day! awesome.

  6. Hmmm I wonder if I would stick on the wall too!