An Interview with Kilikina, Part 2

After learning more about Kilikina's faith and how it applies to blogging, Kilikina answered some questions about motherhood and some wishes for the future.

Here's part two of an interview with Kilikina, from Live Each Moment.

On Being a Mom

7. Did you ever want to be something other then a Mom? If so, what?
I never, ever had a desire to be anything other than a mom. It was my one true passion. At this point I do believe I will pursue an education in something when my children are in school but I have no idea what it will be yet.

8. What's one thing that God has taught you through your children?
How much He loves me. I see how much I love my boys and I can only begin to imagine in a more real way how much God loves me.

9. Do you desire to have more kids?
I would LOVE to have more kids. However due to my first being an emergency c-section my OB says I can only have one more. Our prayers are that we could have two more. We always wanted at least 4 kids. I just keep praying that things will look better this next pregnancy and we can have that 4th baby we want!

Just For Fun!

10. What book are you reading?
I am not reading a book. I love books, and I love reading but I am so behind in everything right now...or rather overwhelmed as a new mother of two that I just don't have much time. The most recent book I read was "House" written by Frank Peretti and Ted Deckker and let me tell you that book is awesome!

11. If you had an opportunity to travel and vacation for free, where would you go?
Vacation for free? Oh I love the beach. I love the sand, and the ocean and the waves. BUT if it were free and I could go anywhere I would go to Venice, or New Zealand. Venice because I want to see it before it drowns so I can tell my great, great grandkids I saw a city that no longer exists. New Zealand because it is so beautiful and green.

Well, that is about it, blogland! My first bloggy interview and with Live Each Moments, Kilikina! Hope you enjoyed the fun!

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  1. This was so much fun!