Randomness for the Last Thursday of the Summer - Hallelujah!

Here's a random post for you....complete with pictures and all.

First - did you all get the memo that says Fall is arriving this weekend??? HALLELUJAH!!! Thank You Jesus! Bring on the cooler weather, for everyones sake...but please for the sake of my head!

Moving on.... I f.i.n.a.l.l.y (and I say that long and drawn out) completed my latest sewing task. I give you... my sweet lookin' apron....

Girls - can I tell you that first, pictures do not do this justice. I just can't capture the sweetness of it with the lens. Nor can I capture the time, ironing, effort, ironing, patience and did I say ironing? that went into this little treasure. Good golly I think I did more ironing then sewing.

Of course, I did not forget you, Say Anything. I am starting on yours next. It was meant to be a birthday present (this past August) but I am thinking it may end up being a Christmas present, at this rate! At least your loved!

Next... soccer.

EJ scored his first goal last week during his game. Let's see, the coach positioned him right in front of the goal. His team mate stood on the side line and threw the ball in. It bounced right off of his shin guard and into the goal. Hmmm.... not bad for his first goal ever, eh? LOL!

The same night I finished the apron, I worked on this little baby. I, very seriously, decided to hole myself up in the spare bedroom with my sewing machine, worship music, a huge glass of water and a brownie. I came out with the apron, my mind a little less heavier, and this to go on top of my piano.

This is what it actually looks like on top of my piano....
Finally... here is a lifetime achievement for me.... I am deathly afraid of reptiles, particularly of those long, skinny, slithery types. You know the kind that deceived Eve in the garden....

But, a mom is a mom, and if she doesn't want to pass that fear onto her children she will go to most lengths. Including .....

touching a lizard! Now before you congratulate me... I will confess that this is NOT me holding this little lizard. It is me certainly taking all kinds of pictures of it though. Housemate, K, is the one who hounded it down and held it for all of us to ummmm... play with?!!!

EJ and Z found it fascinating to hold it, let it climb on them, watch it breathe, etc. I, on the other hand, mustered up every piece of mommy hood in me to show them that we should touch them and learn about them, of course by demonstration, right? Yup!

Well, that is about it for this lovely Thursday! Hope you enjoyed my randomness!


  1. :) i love it - conquering fears so as not to pass them down - and conquering them by looking :) i'm right with ya. my husband is working on me....

  2. Yeah On Fire! Yeah EJ! Beautiful projects girl!

  3. Great job on your sewing projects. One day I'd like to make an apron.

  4. YOU have been a busy mama!

    I absolutely love the apron...I think it is the first one I have ever seen that is pretty/feminine without being frilly. I so need to learn to sew. That is when I have more time! Maybe in two years when both boys are in school.

    Go EJ! Hope he is having fun.

  5. You did a wonderful job on the apron - and now I'm really excited to get mine! No pressure, take your time :)

    The piano looks wonderful! What a great runner you made for it.

    And way to go with the lizard! I've touched way too many things for the sake of my kids.

  6. Love the apron! The fabric is fabulous. I'm not scared of anything, but I do not the slimy little creatures (frogs, etc.). So the other night when I was unlocking my front door, yes, a frog jumped down off the door and landed on my head! I absolutely freaked out!

  7. You are a sewin' Mama! Love the apron and runner! I can't believe how much sewing you are doing. I still remember when you got your sewing machine out while CJ was in Mississippi. What a fun night.

    Congrats, EJ!!!!!!!! Uncle D is excited for you. You take a goal however you get it.

  8. What a fun post, to see all of what you have been up to! How do you get any schooling done? (I say that as a complete IDIOT with all things sewing - a simple hem on a curtain took me hours once!!) Love the runner and the apron - very pretty. And good for you touching the yucky stuff. I thought having one girl in the house with me would exempt me from being FORCED into that stuff, but no. Not so much. They ALL find squirmies and slimies and share them with Mommy. ICK!

  9. wonderful pictures :)

  10. Hello! Just found your blog from Diann's comment on her blog about your apron. I see why she mentioned it - it really is nice! Isn't it amazing how much time and effort can go into something that appears to be so simple. I enjoyed the few posts I've read - I'll be back to visit again.