It's amazing just how much is really going on in our lives. Sometimes, I have to stop and think, does this rollercoaster ride ever stop or pause? Oh gosh, the thought of pausing in the middle of a rollercoaster ride is rather scary! And if it stopped, then we would be in the place of wondering which ride to get on next.

I think when we started bible school I had looked at getting prepared, equipped, etc to minister. Of course, we would have some hands on practical times and opportunites. But the real stuff wouldn't start until CJ was finished with school, right?


Totally, 100 percent, WRONG.

Of course the roller coaster has twists and turns and unexpected hills and dives. Because that's how all the fun roller coasters are. And we are having fun.... tired, but fun.

CJ has been asked to facilitate and administrate a ministry in the area. It would be a paid position, with an awesome opportunity for growth and hands on learning experiences. It is with a people group that we've never experienced before.

I am excited for him, but really nervous. He will be encouraged to do some speaking or as church goers say, preaching. Plus, of course, this church would like him to introduce his family and bring them every once in awhile. Aaahhhhh!!!

This isn't all final, however he received the official phone call from the pastor and his wife yesterday. He will need to meet with the church elders in two weeks. So if God wants the door shut, it certainly can happen still.

And yes, it is a lot for him right. He's juggling a job at our church, full time classes, leading a practical ministry, an upcoming missions trip, house parenting, and being a daddy.

But we know that God is working on all of those details.

So usually when I am on a roller coaster, I scream, laugh, and close my eyes. I also pray a whole lot.

I think I am at the praying a whole lot and closing my eyes part!!!


  1. I will be praying for you guys that God will show your husband exactly what to do. God fills our lives, doesn't He? :)

  2. I understand, we were just there. Praying that all goes well.

    Side note: I hate roller coasters, the rides and the times in life when it's comparable...

  3. I'm with Kili, I hate roller coasters. I could never understand what the appeal was for so many of my friends. I always say, "Life is interesting enough, thank you very much!"

    And when our life is a rollercoaster, I tuck my chin, close my eyes, and power through till the ride slows down. Sometimes the prayers are intimate, heartfelt and true expressions of deeply thought out conversations with the Lord. Other times, they go something like this: "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP me off of this thing!" :)