The Decision to post

Well, I've walked you through my decision, my insecurities, my face off with God here and here.

Now, for the fun part!

Now that I am fully on board with homeschooling, deciding on how to choose a curriculum has been fun. I will admit that it was a tad overwhelming still, because there. is. so. much. out. there.

But, still I was looking through different eyes now. I was looking at what was best for EJ.

Here are my goals for EJ this year:

math - this is more of year of strengthening his skills, he knows a lot, but could use some sharpening

reading - ooh, I am so excited b/c I really believe that by the end of the year he will be reading more then just simple books - start him at a first grade level this fall

writing, science, history, art - use a unit study curriculum

bible - incorporated in the curriculum, focus on his heart with God

manners - sharpen this area

discipline - recognize his age and stage and begin teaching him more then just correcting

I chose to do a couple of different things. First, I decided to use My Fathers World, First Grade curriculum. It is a unit study that is bible based. He is beyond kindergarten level for reading, so I felt that he would be more challenged in a first grade program. However, I am not so thrilled with their math program. So, I purchased the K - Saxon math. I am really excited about this program because I think it will thoroughly strengthen his math skills! As for manners, I purchased a book called Manners, Please. Which has 20 lessons on correct manners. This will be good to use with Z too.

And finally discipline...well, I am beginning on my own end reading, Shepherding A Child's Heart. I am doing the bible study on my own and am praying that it will help me with my own frustrations. After that I hope to get a copy of For Instruction in Righteousness. This seems like an awesome book that can help with teaching right from wrong in a biblical way.

You know, I feel so much more confident on what is chosen here. In the end, I began to see that choosing to homeschool EJ is giving me the opportunity to cater to his needs. I can mix it up a bit, doing a first grade unit study program with a kindergarten math program. It's what's best for him!

As for Z, well, he turns three in about 2 weeks. I have so many fun things stored up from when I taught EJ preschool things that I don't need to do much more then use what I had before. Plus, since the major part of EJ's schooling is a unit study I can include Z in that as well!

Oh and btw - we have field trips set up too, already! But, I won't bore you with those details right now! I'll save it for when we actually go!


  1. Okay, you are scaring me! Last week my sis brought over her Hooked on Math and Hooked on Phonics, and I think that's all I'm doing for Kindergarten. But after reading your list, I'm thinking I should add something interesting :)

    I give you big kudos - I'm still in vacation mode, pushing thoughts of fall and school to the farthest recesses of my brain. The boxes are just sitting there, unopened! I'm apt to make it up as I go - he's flexible that way.

  2. That sounds like a great, well thought out plan.

  3. Thank you so much for your honest posts about homeschool. I have one child and she is 3 years old. I have been thinking about homeschool even before she was born but just recently I am not to sure about it. I have started doing some of the preschool workbooks with her. She loves the workbooks because she just want so color in them, however she doesn't want to actually trace the letters or whatever it is. We have become very frustrated with each other over this and now I am thinking that there is no way we will work good together in this way. It is so good to read that I am not the only one struggling with the thoughts of homeschool. Your posts have helped me a lot and have encouraged me. I will pray for you and your son for this 1st year of homeschooling. Oh, here is another side thing that is husband and I are involved in Hispanic children's ministry in our area. We were children's pastors at a local church and we were busing in Hispanic kids from local apartments. We did that for about 8 years but we were frustrated because our church just didn't welcome them the way we hoped. So we decided along with 2 other staff people who were involved in this as well, to leave the church and start our ministry full time. So we meet in an apartment 2 times a week right now. We do homework help one day and then a bible club the other. This is the beginnings of Square Peg ministry. Our goal is to help these Hispanic kids fit in a different culture. To help them find their place in society. But our ultimate goal is to help them find Jesus! I just think it is so cool how God is in the details of our lives and how He connects people even through a blog! It sounds like we have a similar heart. Misty Edwards is one of my Favorites too! God bless you and your family!

  4. I found you through Diann's Nice Award post. I just wanted to say that I used MFW 2st grade for my first year of homeschooling last year. It worked very well! It is perfect for a first time homeschooler as everything is so organized and prepared for you. I wish you the best of luck!

    (Also in NC)

  5. I'm Like I was Saying's cousin. I've been homeschooling our kids for 4 years now. I started out not wanting to, but God changed my heart about it. One of my big holdbacks was that I didn't want to start wearing denim jumpers and keds and dressing my kids in 80's Izod shirts. Ha! So glad that homeschooling has come a long way in the clothing department.

    It has been a joy for me. The K and 1st grade years are so fun because there is a lot of snuggling on the couch and reading great books. It's wonderful to watch them really take off in reading and begin to pick up child version classics like Black Beauty and Treasure Island.

    Don't get discouraged by the difficult days. When the kids are overwhelmed or you are, just take a break. Go to a park on a weekday when everyone else is in school. If something isn't working don't beat yourself up, just look for new options. Laugh a lot and enjoy learning everything over again as you teach your kids.

    Yea! I'm excited for you.

  6. For discipline I use "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by well I don't remember her name. Anyway it's basically the same book but from a mom's perspective.
    I can get you the author name if you want, I'm too lazy to get up and go check the cover right now

  7. Just read your homeschooling series..
    Way to go!
    Last year I kept telling myself YOU CAN NOT SCREW UP KINDERGARTEN. And it's true. It was nice to not have the pressure of getting it "right"
    I love Saxon math, you should really enjoy it.

    Have a great year.