A Break

Our house is strangely quiet lately. The girls who live with us went home last week. R is visiting her family and will be back at the end of next week. And B, went back to her school in Oklahoma.

It's funny, how a small break from having students in and out of our house constantly, can rev you up for the next trimester. Can you believe I am actually saying this???

I turned to CJ today and told him that I am getting excited and ready for R to return and our two new girls to finally arrive. We have one girl coming from San Diego and another coming from Alabama.

It is amazing how my "mothers" heart gets attached to these girls. I have called B a couple of times already and I miss her alot more then I realized that I would. And I worry about her too - good grief. I worry that she doesn't have enough money, or if she has dinner for that evening, or how she was supposed to talk to this one boy.

I am little surprised at myself! But more, grateful to the Lord.


  1. Reading this makes me smile. These girls are so blessed to have you in their lives!