Playing Along

I was tagged by oH mY wORD! and Krazy Klingers for the 8 Random Things About Me, meme. I am feeling up to the challenge....

Here goes!

1. I've been on a coffee kick for about a year or so now. If I have coffee at home, I drink it with two tablespoons of hot chocolate mix in it and nothing else! Mmmmm....

2. I into sewing right now. I posted about my latest creations here. However, recently I got bored of bags and found some awesome fabric (at a ridiculous price) and am about to embark on making some fancy schmancy aprons. Oh... so June Cleaver, eh, Classic Mama???

3. I have really blonde hair, but for a year now I have been wanting to dye the under part of it a dark brown. But, I have been too scared to do so and am just plain chicken!

4. I am a snob about dyed hair. I really, really have a problem with people who have "roots" that need a desperate touch up. Which brings me to my problem with dying my own hair. What happens when I am tired of the "look" and want it to grow out? Then, I'll have roots to deal with. See???

5. I can't bounce on a trampoline to save my life. Seriously. I have had friends try to help me do it. They even held my hand and jumped with me. Apparently, my rhythm is off.

6. I want to teach people how to have a conversation. Don't laugh. I have this little scenario in my head, that involves a group of people, me with a power point presentation, and demonstrations! It's all about asking questions and listening, people!!!

7. I despise hot weather. If there is a place in the world that is sunny, not too hot, not too cold, and rains on and off. I would be there in a flash.

8. I am hosting an Art Camp for kids ages, 5-10, next month. We are going to teach them how to draw, paint, create with clay, etc and then have a "gallery" showing for the parents, complete with music and deserts.

I want to tag someone outside of the PA, CCC, MIA, network. And since, this particular person is about to have a baby and is probably in need of something to write about to get her mind off the upcoming events, I am going to tag..... Live Each Moment!


  1. I just knew someone would 'tag' you! :) I think it's fun to learn more about one another...even if it is random like roots that need color!

  2. That coffee you make is really good. I may have to find my coffee pot just to make some for myself.

    I'm not sure about the dark brown. I think you should do red! lol

    I completely forgot about the trampoline thing.

    This meme was fun!

  3. Ha! I actually have done this before, except it was 6 weird things. I just did another post so i will repost my weird things post later.

    For now, here's the link for you!

    Check here

  4. I've never seen June make her own aprons. She would be so proud of you!
    I wish that Scarlett could attend your art camp. She would absolutely adore it. She loves art of all kinds. Her newest fascination is with cake decorating. She doesn't do it yet, but she wants to do it when she's older. It's her new career choice. She wants to be like that guy on the food network's Ace of Cakes.

  5. I'm with Thrills - you should go red. Redheads are so fun :) (Speaking as a fun red-head myself!!)

    I'm a fellow coffee-lover, but gimme hazlenut anything. MMMMM, love my hazlenut.

    Fun to read your stuff. I got tagged, too. My stuff is pretty random. And weird, too. Must be the heat.

  6. I love you hair color! I think that blond is so fun! If you decide on another color - that would be fun too...espcially to see how it grows out! :)

    I thought that your class on conversations is interesting, however, I know someone who has a really hard time with conversations (Although the person is getting better) and they told me that when they are trying to talk with someone, all that goes through their head is...what should I talk about, and they get kind of "hung up" on that for a little bit. I think that people that are not naturally extroverted have more of a hard time conversing - maye your class would help. You could give them little flash cards for their pocket so that they could come up with things to say! :)

  7. i love the art camp idea - how great! and teaching people to have a conversation - i bet you could get paid to do that somehow.....always fun to hear these random facts about people - why do we like stuff like this so much??