Another Birthday and Friends to Celebrate With

It's never a quiet moment at the Fire household. It seems as though we either have events going on, dinners, trips, impromptu game nights (that the students invite themselves over for), ministry nights, or guests.

This week we have had the pleasure of having guests twice. On Tuesday night we had three girls come to stay for the night. One was from Singapore and the other two were from Holland. It was a quick visit, that only required me to clean the house, make up some extra beds, and have breakfast options.

But tonight, is the night that the whole Fire house has been anticipating for a couple of weeks now. Tonight, The House That Jack Built, will be arriving! All 5 of them!

Yipee! We can't wait!!!

As if having the Jack House in isn't exciting enough, tomorrow is EJ's 5th birthday. Can you believe it? Well, you probably can, because funny enough, you aren't his mom or dad. (smile)

But, I am. And without getting seriously emotional, I am amazed at how fast these last five years have gone by. Am I really old enough to be a mom of a 5 year old? I guess so.

I will be writing to my dear EJ and perhaps will post it, hopefully this afternoon.

In the meantime, we have much more to do to get ready for the Jack House to visit. EJ has been counting down the days till their arrival and his birthday!

And I ... I have a sweet smile in my heart as I continue on with my day.


  1. How fun! We both have some of our worlds' most favoritest people coming for a visit. Check our out on my post. You all have a GREAT time and give them all hugs. Enjoy the fun and the sun. BE BLESSED together.

  2. Happy Early Birthday EJ!

    Have fun with your guests!!! How could you not? What a blessed time you are going to have together!

  3. How fun!

    Yes, the last five years have flew by at the speed of light! Although you, my friend, don't look a day older then when I met you five years ago!

    I'm sure you'll enjoy a lot of laughter this weekend and Say Anything can fill you in about how I beat her and ALL the competition as The Biggest Loser!

    Ha! Ha!