Feelin' Crafty

I'm feeling crafty these days. Sew, I broke out my sewing machine and made some worship banners for the kids and I to dance with. That was fun.

But by the time I was done making them, I was feeling like I wanted to sew some more. And when I mean sew, I mean something more then a button or a hem.

Sew, I made a quick curtain for my kitchen.

But that wasn't enough for me either.

Sew, I went to Wal Mart scoured their fabric aisle and decided on a pattern. And wa la (is that how you spell it?) I made myself this cute little bag.

What do you think?


  1. Wow! I am sew impressed. I have a brand new sewing maching that is 13-1/2 years old. Wedding present. That is sew sad. I keep thinking that someday I will learn how to sew.

  2. Are you kidding me??? You just "whipped up" a few banners, a curtain, and a bag? What's happened to you!

    I would say I don't believe you, but you put pictures up to prove it. Stinker...

  3. I love that bag! I haven't sewed in months. You gave me the bug.

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  5. That's amazing. I'm impressed and a little in awe - you're so good. Just whipped them up! Very cute bag, and what a fun idea to make banners for the boys. Now I'm a little jealous. In a loving, godly "I wish I had thought of that," "I wish I could DO that," kinda way. Great job!

  6. very cute....i am too scared to sew, haven't done it since home ec...

  7. Wow!!! Is that hubby modeling the bag for you? He did a great job!!