You Make Me Smile

In the mail on Saturday, I received this beautiful little package from Mirror, Mirror.

Let me tell you a little secret. I LOVE mail. I seriously love cards, letters, and packages. What is funny, is I don't consider myself a big gift person. Really, I don't. I just love to read a letter about someone elses life and what is going on it. A care package, with small mementos in it, warms my heart and truly makes me feel as though I am loved.

So, Mirror, Mirror - Thank YOU!

Because along with receiving mail, I love to send it. And now I have a pretty pen to write with and some new stationary to send to friends, families, and missionaries afar!

You made me smile and feel loved this weekend!


  1. yay, how sweet! i love pens and stationary stuff is great, but nothing beats a letter in the mail. great shot with the tulips, too.........

  2. Blaze- you know that is what I have to call you...
    You give so much to me. The thank you comes right back at you sister.
    And I suppose I should thank you for your ever so sly way of introducing me. Cute, sister.
    I love you so much!