Getting My Attention

Don't you just love how God puts multiple "things" in your life to drive a point home?? It happens to me on a regular basis. I guess it is His beautiful way of getting my attention.

Let me give you all the clues first. Spending time with our neighbor Rock On, reading the book God in the Alley, just watched Freedom Writers, two weeks worth of Sunday messages about diversity, and finally our small little ministry that CJ and I run with beautiful hispanic kids from the "ghetto." Do you see the theme? Can you imagine what God is working on me with?

Perhaps, looking past the outside and getting to the inside of a person.

I finished God in the Alley this morning. This book, that I had assumed was just a collection of stories, greatly impacted me. The author and then the Holy Spirit, really pushed me to look beyond the persons appearance, smell, issues, and dysfunctionality and look for Jesus inside of them.

Is that possible? Is it possible that someone so deeply scarred and screwed up can teach me anything about my Lord and Savior?

Then I watched Freedom Writers last night. A movie about gangs in California, who were at the height of dealing with the Rodney King disaster, when a female English teacher comes into their lives. Her school room becomes a safe haven, a home, a place for these kids to actually grow and learn and even graduate high school.

God uses everything and anything to drive His point home. Movies, books, neighbors, "ministries" and even random opportunities are what He used for me.

The other day, I was sitting at a red light. I was in a "not so good" area of town. Sitting on the ground was a beggar. He kept yelling at me, asking for a few dimes. I kept ignoring him, feeling a bit fearful as he got up and started coming to the car. CJ finally just said, "not this time."

I felt defeated. I had money in my bag. I even wanted to give it to him. I really did. But because he was begging, looked homeless, and was yelling at me, I let fear over ride compassion.

For days that beggar has haunted my thoughts.

I have never in my entire life felt so white, so Caucasian, so middle class then now. I even look at my kids and swallow hard with the thoughts of how we are raising them.

Something has to change.

I have always considered myself a person who is non judgemental, non prejudice, non racial. And I still see myself that way. Yet, there is a deeper level then just what is morally right and taught to us. I believe its not about color, circumstances, past issues, money, etc.

It's about seeing JESUS CHRIST in all people, no matter what.

That is what God's getting my attention on right now.


  1. This is so good and challenging. Thank you!

  2. I too posted about a beggar today. Except mine was more on a silly, skeptical side of this particlar person. But anyway, t hank you for your thoughts! I love reading your blog.

  3. I totally know what you are saying. Lately everything I am reading, singing, hearing in church, seeking the Lord about in my life is so intertwined. It certainly is NOT just coincidence.

    Love to hear what God is doing!

    When I finally get all my thoughts together, written down, if He tells me to blog it, it will have to be a "series"!

  4. My pastor always says "treating everyone you lock eyes with as if they matter to God because they do."

  5. my kindergarten son has been teaching me this all year. his class is 70% latino or kids from a very rough trailer park. 20% are the rich and famous of our town the remaining 10% fall about "equal" with our family - middle of the road. i couldn't stand the thought of my son becoming friends with the rich b/c then i'd look bad. well to my relief, he doesn't really hang out with them. instead he and his best bud (my friends son) have befriended 2 little trailer park kids. my eyes see, dirty clothes, messy hair, etc...but he just sees friends. this weekend we were at a city park when one of them was there. they started playing and i realized they were having a birthday party for her brother. what i noticed was that several of the people attending were from a local church. including the pastor. i felt so humbled. all year long i've been looking at her outward appearances and wanting to keep my son "free from her germs" but when i saw the pastor pray a blessing on the little boy i felt my heart crumble....she is a beautiful child of God. my boy sees that - why can't i?

  6. CJ Mahaney gave an excellent charge to the graduates at this year's Sovereign Grace Pastor's College graduation - about the cross being our private contemplation and our public proclamation. He charged them words that echo much of what you are saying here. Thanks for the encouragement - God's getting at "something" in His kingdom, isn't He?!

  7. i know that being torn/pain feeling, on fire....trusting the Lord will show you exactly what He is doing in each and every situation and person you come across....i also just watched freedom writers and put it in a post :) liked it lots..

  8. Thanks for sharing your heart. What a challenge! I share a lot of these same thoughts and feelings raising my children in our little upper middle class "bubble..."