Oh, what a glorious day in bloggy land it is for me!

May I introduce you to one of my bestest friends in the whole entire world???? She is practically my sister! She will make you laugh till you cry! She has three absolutely beautiful kids, one of which my son is certain he is going to marry when he grows up. And she is the newest addition to bloggy land.

Insert drum roll here.....

Friends... meet Mommaschtik at The House that Jack Built! Mommaschtik has been known on my blog and MIA's blog as Say Anything! She was dubbed Say Anything by MIA because of her gig as the church comedian for the local Mom's group. I am serious when I say, she is hysterical.

If you are looking for someone who is down to earth, will tell you how it is, and is one of the most loving, giving, caring friends around, then check out Mommaschtik at The House that Jack Built!

Welcome my friend to Bloggyville! I am so excited to see you online!

Love you!!


  1. What a neat idea to introduce your friend's blog. I went over and checked it out...but tried to leave a comment and was not able because I didn't have a blog account or google account. I am not a blogger yet.

    Anyways, I liked her design of her blog and enjoyed reading her first few posts!

  2. Thanks sister! I'm thrilled to be here! It's been three whole days and I'm having fun! Don't know if I'll be nearly as funny in blogland as I am in person... just gonna write what comes to mind. I love you! So good to talk to you on the phone today!

  3. DITTO to J's comment, tried to leave a cheery welcome and hello to Say Anything, but since I'm just a lurker, I haven't got an account. SOOOOOO, I'll say it here: Welcome SA - so happy to be able to lurk in your crazy happy world. Miss you tons and the joy that you exude! Can't wait to peek into your life occasionally. Next time you are at MH, give Mike and Michelle W HUGE hugs for us. Love to you all there!

  4. I ended up here after following several links.But I enjoyed the visit to your blog! And your friends.