I didn't even know it...

I took a week off from blogging. I didn't even know I was going to do that. It's just everyday when I wanted to write something, I felt blocked or restricted by time or for that matter restricted by the Lord. I read everyone else's blogs. But I just couldn't put anything out there.

We've had much going here anyways. We had our first girl, R, move in with us. She has been living with us for a week now. It's fun! She is very sweet and very busy. She is turning 20 tomorrow and is a first year student in the same school with my husband. She is from Iowa!

For those of you who are kind of confused, CJ and I are subletting a room in our home to some students from our bible school. We will have up to 3 girls living with us. In May we have an 18 year old girl coming from Arizona. And then in June we will have a girl from Oklahoma come to spend the summer with us!

All of this creates transition and flexibility. Both of which we are getting used to!

Anyways, I am still alive. Infact, I am brewing a really good post that has me quite fired up. You just might get two posts in one night!


  1. i'd like to see what has you fired up, on fire for him. and that sounds like quite a kingdom ministry you and your husband have with the girls living with you. wow!