I had a wonderful experience today at the Emergency room. Z, had been fighting a fever all weekend, running as high as 104. So today, I called my soon to be healthcare company, asking where I should take him (to understand where I was allowed to go). Praise the Lord, they have agreed to backpay when I officially get his insurance. They recommended that I take him to the ER.

Since, I had that experience with the Urgent Center last month, I was a little concerned about taking him to an ER.

I prayed on the way there, asking God to have someone there help me, who wouldn't look down upon me because of our situation and who would take care of my son with serious care.

My God answered. I had the most wonderful experience at the ER. Every single person who I talked to was so caring and so understanding. They didn't even blink an eye when I said that I was still in process for health insurance.

The best part was how the doctor took care of my son. Z, did not want him to touch him and was close to crying when he walked in. But the doctor was just so wonderful! He spent more time talking to Z and becoming his friend. Z, loved him!!! And in the end, he had no problems with the doctor checking his ears, nose, and throat, etc.

Z did have a sinus infection which explained his poor temperature and fussiness.

I was so thankful for all the people who helped us. I was really appreciative for how kind everyone was and how no one made me feel small for not having health insurance.


  1. Glad he is ok and that things turned out well for you!

  2. God is good! What a great redeemer we have!

  3. Praise God!